Mirza Muhammad Amin



JECO (Private) Limited

A man with a strong vision and planning, initiated the company with his other two brothers. The company was entitled with Javaid Engineering Company” at start, which used to Manufacture Agricultural Implements

At  the  begging  of  90’s  products  of  the  company  were  vastly  diversified  to Industrial, Construction, Mobile, Hydraulic and Specialized Equipment, and  to  govern  this  production  line,   that  small  company   was  converted  to a limited firm named JECO (Private) Limited.

JECO owns the pioneer name in many Products especially in Fluid Power Technology; Hydraulic. And taking JECO to that heights of achievements, Mr. Amin attended many Foreign Tours, Trainings, Seminars and International Exhibitions. From Europe to America and to Australia, he brought  the  best  Hydraulic  Applications  which,  later  on,  were  used  in  company’s  products.  These  Hydraulic  Applications   had made  company’s  products  to  more  high  quality  items  in  all  over  Pakistan.

Afterwards he contributed his major part and long working association with many Defense Organizations. Especially with MVRDs, he kept a close relationship and worked deeply in major developments.

Great services and selfless efforts by Mr. Amin  makes  JECO  one  of  its own  kind  of  brand,  which  keeps   a   highly   professional   approach  towards targeted goals.

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