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JECO was established in 1975 with the name of JAVAID ENGINEERING COMPANY. Initially the main products were Agricultural Implements but our continued research in Hydraulics added some new products in our product line. Now, by the Grace of God, we are now the Pioneers in Hydraulics and Manufacturer of Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, Mobil, and Material Handling Equipment.

  • Front Dozer Blades for all Tractors available in Pakistan.
  • Front End Loader for all Tractors available in Pakistan.
  • Hydraulic Tipping Trolley/Trailers.
  • Rear Grader, Cultivator, Ditch Cutter, Disc Plough, Chisel Plough,
  • Truck Mounted Hydraulic Cranes. ( Articulated / Knuckle Boom & Telescopic Boom)
  • Hydraulic Aerial Work Platforms. ( articulate d& Telescopic Boom)
  • Dump Trucks. ( Rigid & Trailer Bodies)
  • Refuse Collection Vehicle.
  • Tow Trucks & Recovery vehicles
  • Rescue & Fire Vehicles
  • Indigenous Development of Defense Stores.
  • All types of Hydraulic Cylinders.
  • All other Hydraulic Accessories.

We are equipped with Sheering, Bending, Auto Gas Cutting. Arc & Co² Welding, Lath & Shaper Machines with addition of Hydraulic Hose Clumping Machine & Hydraulic Testing Bench to maintain the International Standard of Quality.

We check all Hydraulic Components on Flow Testing Unit on various Pressures to check the reliability/durability of components. Moreover we do DPT & X ray test for welding on Customer Request.

  • Analysis of customer’s Specifications.
  • Computer Added Designing (CAD).
  • Product Simulation Test
  • Procurement of Material/Components.
  • Production.
  • Testing.
  • Quality Control Process.
  • Delivery

We undertake development projects, where hydraulic applications are required and also undertake Import substitute items.

We are well equipped with Mechanical Designing as well as Computer Added Designing and have in-house facilities of all sorts of designing works required for development project.

We have trustworthy sources of supplies of Raw Materials, components and parts according to World Standard Specifications and can meet our requirement of production of any equipment be developed through Reverse Engineering.


Our company has adopted this policy as a policy to provide our customers with after-sales support and service, to comply with the legal regulations and obligations, to be ahead of its era with continuous innovation and R & D studies and to use the energy resources as efficiently as possible


We work together to provide high quality products with Proven Reliability in a timely and effective manner. We represent only those products that provide the highest level of performance and value.


All the work of our company employees, suppliers and sales representatives is part of the process of providing quality products and services to our customers. Each of our employees contributes to our quality policy by fulfilling its duties in this process. 

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